Box Hako – English

The gameplay involves a mysterious box sitting on the player’s table, inside which is a doll-house like room environment where fairy-sized girls live (only one at a time). The player can observe, interact from outside (poke, give food, etc), and even shrink himself and enter the box at the same size as the girl.



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Updated: February 18, 2016 — 2:06 pm
  • egi wiliandi


    • Naoufi

      Comes with Hongfire patch so, yeah.

  • Htat AungLwin

    Hako.7z.001 file is corrupted

  • Spectralle

    Cant install with Hako.7z or Hako.b1?

  • CloudNSky

    can anyone help me my Bar is not going up

  • Noire

    admin , can you upload in kumpulbagi ??

  • Anon

    Athena, would it be possible for you to add a google drive link for this? Thanks.

  • Problem: I have no “fast forward” button on my keyboard and the other option doesn’t work with mousepad/touchpad. Anyone please knows a solution how to grow blue and pink bar?

  • AceO Blade

    how do i open the files?

  • Kougami Tareyama

    Hey uhh is this uncensored and please please put a google drive link

  • hawatari yuikos

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