Bunny Black

Dierks is a perverted adventurer entered a labyrinth known as the Maou’s forest and was defeated by the maou himself. But taking pity on him, the maou kindly recruited him as part of this demon army. Given a second chance, Dierks has two goals: to rise in the ranks of the demon army, and to defeat and have sex with those girls who come to attack the maou.
Title Bunny Black
Aliases BUNNYBLACK, バニーブラック
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Developer SofthouseChara
Publishers SofthouseChara
Language English
Rating 18+

Bunny Black Download

Size : 1.9GB

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  • Mr.Rebellion


  • Avalhass

    God damn it!..I thought for a second that it’s Black Bunny 3..I was ready to wet my pants.

    • Mr Mine

      I feel you

    • Lew Bundles

      I Just finished Bunny Black 2 and am dying to play the third now ;-;

  • fruchtsalat

    it would be cool if you could add like “no mosaics” etc

    • Class F Inquisitor FFF member

      I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been broken by Japanese games and Japanese anime…It’s hard to fap to a scene now, where the dudes wang is clear as day. And some of the uncensored vaginas are atrocities to biology. I’m all for minor mosaics, but if it’s one of those big blurry blocks, fuck it.

  • Iuli

    Sorry but how do you install this??

  • Janusz Fabrowski

    plzz upload Bunny Black 3

  • Emilia-Tan

    Damn this game and Rance series , they are both amazing.

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