ChuSingura46+1 S

ChuSingura46+1 is an award-winning visual novel that puts you in the shoes of a high schooler who gets transported back in time into the body of a Samurai. However, in this timeline, all the Samurai are inexplicably female. You can get to know the “intimate” side of the characters from the classic Japanese tale of the 47 Ronin while playing a visual novel ー all without any of the dangly or rough bits of the original!

Title: ChuSingura46+1 S
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play
Developer: インレ , Inre
Publisher: NextNinja
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2016
Language: English
Rating: 17+


ChuSingura46+1 S Download

Size : 2GB

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Updated: November 19, 2016 — 4:25 am
  • Chizuru_W

    Thanks anon9120 for requested this on Request Page, and big THANKS to you Athena for uploading this <3 . . big heart for u ^^

  • alter iris

    it like playing shin koihime all over again

  • John Sieghart

    ahm is there an H scene of this?

    • Shiney79

      Just enjoy for the story, if you’re that desperate for a wank, go to Pornhub and look at actual tits and pussy.

  • darkie

    plaz remove adfly…. opens another addfly all the time -.- cant download

  • Ricardo Lima

    If this is the steam version.It’s heavily censored even on dialogue. Since it’s the only version available in english I will presume it is. And It does not qualify as eroge.

    • Chizuru_W

      well, I guess that’s the reason why “+17” is there tho it was tagged as “Eroge” :/ . . I saw many complaints on steam and prefundia LoL

      • Kurosaki Ridzuan

        haha…. finished playing.. and im enjoyed it so much… presume it will be much more fun if they are not all age version… hope to find another vn with this kind of storyline… TT.TT… kuranosuke!!!!!

        • Chizuru_W

          well ofc it’s fun .. else they won’t put “award-winning” on the description :/

          • Kurosaki Ridzuan

            haha.. well.. any other award winning vn to suggest?? gimme some plss..

          • Chizuru_W

            I’m not sure if I know any other award winning VN .. Have u tried Nekopara yet ??

          • Kurosaki Ridzuan

            well.. not a long story like chusingura.. but i will try it later.. tq..

          • Chizuru_W


  • Chizuru_W

    so I guess this is All-Age Version ?? but Athena put “Eroge” tag there :/

  • nobody

    do I have to install steam to play?

    • Chizuru_W

      I don’t think so.

      • nobody

        But when i run the game there is an error, what should i do then?

        • Chizuru_W

          The error is about Steam ?

          • nobody


          • Chizuru_W

            any crack folder u saw there ?? on the extracted zip file . .this is free to play .. so I don’t really think it will need a crack to play :/

          • nobody


          • Chizuru_W

            let me think few possibilities , cus I don’t actually downloaded or play this one yet xD

          • nobody

            By the way, there is also a file called steam_api64.ini in the folder

          • Chizuru_W

            copy it and bring it to game folder

          • nobody

            well, but that file is already in the same directory with the .exe, so, I don’t know where to place it

          • Chizuru_W

            This will be easier if I actually have the game right now :/ . . I can’t think any good possibility cus Athena is the one who uploaded the files . .

            I’m really sorry, I don’t think I can be really any help here . .Oh but please don’t use Steam for Crack game, else u’ll be ban.

          • nobody

            well, at the very least, now I know I don’t need to install Steam, since for me installing Steam is the same as getting cursed

          • Chizuru_W

            I’ll see what I can do after I downloaded the game later kay.

    • Chizuru_W

      I downloaded the game, unzip files, and I managed to play without problem . .

      The best possibility for ur problem is the problem occur because of ur PC.
      What I mean is ur Anti-virus/ Security Software are highly sensitive to foreign/crack object. U need to do something with it before playing xD

      “steam_api64 .dll” and “steam_api64 .ini” are both important files to be able to play this game with having a Steam error.

      So, u’ll have to extract the file zip again. This time make sure ur PC will not delete these files xD

      That’s it.

      • nobody

        But those 2 file still exist of course, do I have to change the steam_api64.ini location? Since after I unzip it, its location is in the same folder as the .exe file

        • Chizuru_W

          ehhhhhhh ? No no . .no need to change anything location :/ ..let me think.
          Without having connected to internet, can u re-extract the zip file and try playing it again ?

          • nobody

            Thanks dude, it really is just like you said, my damn antivirus delete the dll file in the same location with the exe after extracting

          • Chizuru_W

            xD . . I think u can manage from here.. okay then, have a nice gaming time ..

  • Feriza

    are this game full chapter already?if “yes”,I’ll download it later.cause I didn’t wanna spend my money on steam again XD

  • end blade

    rrrrr, no hentai patch?

  • hantu kamu

    did you have 32version of this game? ive downloaded and cannot run because it for 64bit machine

  • Kaido

    Can you guys give me a list of these games where you play as a Male Protagonist.. It’s always a female when I find it.. Bad luck perhaps.

    • Fabiorifky Irawan Putra

      What genre you want to play? If you want a Harem, I give a recommend for you “Yumina The Ethereal”, or “Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou”. Why I recommend those two? Because I already playing that game 3 years ago and still remember. Just try it. I hope you like that. :3

      Sorry for my bad english ^^

  • Yuuki

    I already have this on steam. I thought that could upload episode 2 and 3. how disappointing - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2017 Frontier Theme