Liya, a lively and cheerful girl…Mori, a chillness and mysterious girl…Characters from different background, connected by the thin line of missing, meet each others, cognize each others, and fall in love with each others…
In about 4 hours of the game length, the player will get lost in a wonderful and interesting story, feeling the emotional entanglements between different college mates, colleagues and friends of different personality.

Title: ContactS
Genre: AdventureIndie
Developer: AsicxArt
Publisher: AsicxArt
Release Date: 4 Aug, 2017

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Updated: August 16, 2017 — 4:25 am
  • anatakotogasuki

    waiting for eroge version huehueheue

    • Inevitable Pranto

      will there really be an eroge version? cant find anything on net

      • Okami

        Thankfully no.

    • Aquria

      even if you wait till the end of time, there is no eroge version for this game.

  • 森島 かずや


  • Benjamin Larsen

    Game crashes shortly after seeing the Unity Personal Edition screen. Help?

  • Inevitable Pranto
  • Inevitable Pranto

    someone help plz

  • Okami

    Just a note, this VN seems to only have English interface, everything else is in Chinese.

    • Benjamin Larsen

      Man, I wanted to play this lol. ><

      • Okami

        Well there is always a possibility that it will someday get translated.

        • Benjamin Larsen

          I hope so. ><

  • Bonebreaker

    This shit dont work, allways crashes after unity logo - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2017 Frontier Theme