Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest

Set in a world run by powerful nations where heroes battle one another for control, Britannia wishes to unite the world through peace, while the European Union has taken an aggressive stance. The seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillaging and plundering, while far to the East, the island country of Zipang is faced with civil war. In the midst of all this Himiko, a ruler in Zipang, seeks to unite the world for the sake of peace. Her ambitions are high but so far she has only seen defeat. One day, while retreating from battle, a mysterious hero falls from the sky and joins Himiko’s cause. The two now set their sights on the war burning around them.


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Updated: November 5, 2017 — 5:02 am
  • Sally Xu

    Is this a repost or is there any actual update to the game?

    • Halo

      just usa release

      • Bakki

        Is this the R+18 or the all age version?

        • Halo


          • Chris

            Lmao, which one? You can’t just say “yes” to a multiple choice question. πŸ˜›

  • Nightmare054

    so there is no real change happen?


    so just usa release for pc and that’s mean copyright, right? unlike the previous post that previous is from fan-translation right? it’s nice to have a copyright. unlike japanese version + english fantranslation yay!!! HighFive.
    wait what?

  • Rigo Reyes

    i got this message after clearing india, then the game closes, any idea?

  • Valvarie

    And can we use fan-translated save data to this release? Thank you in advance

    • Bakki

      You can read my post how to use your old save files.

  • Itachi

    this new?

  • SandStorm

    “a mysterious hero falls from the sky and joins Himiko’s cause” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/041ffa17f1309b0c3a22bcacaa61f300dea5879668c3a3298a782b066acd09fc.jpg

    Finally found her

  • Hafidz Haan

    why i get corrupt when i dowload via google drive eror or something?

    • Itachi

      i cant access google yet

    • Itachi

      try other link

  • Hafidz Haan

    anyone have Cheat table for this? some map pretty hard lel

    • Yup

      Well it’s gonna be hard if you play it in the hard way. For example, trying to conquer Russia in early and mid game, accepting special equipment, and hopelessly trying to conquer Babylon by attacking them. Exception for post-game quests, which are really hard, available when you got to true route.

      • Hafidz Haan

        Yeah but some map have good waifu when i rush to them i died fuck lol

  • Atha Cuy


  • Halo

    anyone have save file for this ?

  • JG-05

    Warning: this USA release is too much different from the Japanese Fan English Patch. it’s Fcking Uncensored. normally the above is uncensored but the below it is censored. wow this usa JAST release is different. both above and below is uncensored.

  • Bakki

    I found something useful. If you’ve played and finished the Old Fan Translation of this game. You can use that old save file to play the Hard Mode on a New Game with all your Items. (Warning: Don’t load any old saved files in the Continue Menu, you’ll get an error message and will be forced to close the game.

    Here’s what you need to do.

    1.Download this game (JAST Version)
    2. Go to: C:Users(Computer Name)Saved GamesTENCO
    Open the folder with symbols and copy the User Data folder
    3. Then go to: C:Users(Computer Name)Saved GamesJASTEiyu Senki – The World
    Conquest and paste/overwrite the copied User Data Folder
    4. Run the JAST Eiyu Senki and start New Game and VIOLA! You’ll be asked if you want
    to Play Hard Mode and keep all your Items!
    5. Just overwrite those old save files to avoid game crashes.

    • mtrickster

      i tried doing that but as soon as i try fighting someone it crashes

      • Bakki

        Do not use Continue, as I’ve clearly stated, only start a New Game. You’ll have to delete those save files you copied that’s on JAST Folder to avoid another game crash.

  • Jazid-Kun


  • Jazid-Kun

    This fucking damn game like Fate Series Servant, But this is more fantastic ~

  • mtrickster

    i was really disappointed as they didn’t have any especial cg for lu-bu

  • Ren Shin

    hey guys is this include a patch that have all h-scene?i have beat australia,china,india,hawai,macadonia and now is almost conquer russia but the appear h-scenes is only himiko..please help me..thx

    • Tangguh Mahawira Putra

      are your computer crashing after conquering india ?

  • JG-05

    hope if jast can release GOLD version in english. that’s the badass version. and I want it.

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