Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning

Lightning crackles in the sky. A lone man hovers, overlooking The Academia. His name is Nikola Tesla, the one who will set this land right. With one assistant at his side, he shall face the council, overthrow the shadows in control, and rescue the unwitting students.

Title: Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Braves~Original title: 黄雷のガクトゥーン~What a shining braves~
Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Year: Japan 2012-12-21, English Version 2015-12-23
Developer: Liar-soft
Publisher: MangaGamer
Language: English
Voice: Japanese


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Size : 3.8GB

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  • suzuya d astolfo

    This is r18ver??

    • Parzinej

      english version is 17+

      • Yukino

        17+ ?
        what do you mean ?

        • Parzinej

          There’s no actual sex scenes
          A good example of this is ChuSinGura 46+1

          • Yukino


  • Adam Jensen

    Anime girls falling from the sky is common sight in japan i guess - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2016 Frontier Theme