• Ghanny


    • Kira Light

      what are you fucking gay ?

      • Ghanny

        No male main character so fuck off

        • Kira Light


          • Fire Wolf

            dude meaning he likes normal right way sex which we all fap to so its not gay also you are in the shoes of the protagonist so it feels like your having sex wihthe girls

          • Elvarn Eng Hui

            I think you misunderstood. He mean he wan sexual penetration. Lesbian cant penetrate. Dildo is not satisfying. I understand it as im the same too

  • anatakotogasuki

    LESBIANS? will i dont mind since its EROGE. hueheuehuehe

  • ACE R42

    smh Why no spaceman surrounded by harem?

  • Eusebio Antonio Carty Cedeno

    Love me some all girl fun! (^_^)

  • Flame Goddess

    Lesbian. what a let down.

  • Fire Wolf

    i know man i know

  • Tch….filthy lesbians.

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