GDrive Permission Problem

Hi everyone,google just banned my account,so you will get warning when try to download files “You need permission”..I will move every games to new account,so please wait for few days..You can try another hosting like uploaded,1fichier,kbagi and diskoko…

For new gdive account,i will use for eroge , visual novels and mini games.. only,another big games,please download from torrent or another hosts..Thank you :).

And if you know or like any hosting / drives , let me know i will add to list.

Updated: May 28, 2017 — 12:44 pm
  • Crimson Butterfly

    no way~

  • Mr.Rebellion

    oh man not the gdrive

  • Mannasub

    well, i think that’s only me when i can’t download files from GDrive but thanks anyway for the announcement

    • NotADWeeb

      It was everyone

  • lolcatz6657

    damn 🙁 Google drive is one of the only providers on this site that does full download speed for me

    • Aka no Saber

      you’re wrong. mega, kump and one more that is same with kump is unlimited. for mega case if you download from your web browser download overquota is alway happening. but if you use megasync that’s gonna be different. just import the file to your own cloud storage and download it normally. there won’t be any overquota. let’s just imagine this. if you’re an admin and you want to backup your pc to the MEGA cloud. and there’s no way that when you’re retrieving to restore backup in the middle they asking to pay in order to continue. there must be the way that is unlimited and free retrieving. download it from web browser of course mega will considering you as stranger even if you logged in. I’m not talking about that crappy illegal from 3rd party tools megadownloader.

      • Woolridge

        well, guess you’re the one that is wrong here, kumpulbagi and copaiapop both have a limiter at around 2MB/s for me, the only ones without it would be mega, gdrive and uploaded (well, i got a premium account there)^^

        • Aka no Saber

          kumpulbagi and copaiapop wrong did I? it’s had seem that my house wifi can maximun speed limit to 2 mb/s or a little more 2.5 – 2.9 mb maybe. so it doesn’t matter if limited or unlimited it doesn’t change any different.
          anyway I just want to correct this, if I remember correctly my school wifi can reach up to 40 mb/s or more. and I remember that day I download a VN game and used link kumpulbagi/copaiapop with free download manager. within 20s I already got the game 6 gb. oh well if you’re saying I’m wrong then I was wrong.

          • Woolridge

            could be a regional thing

        • landlock

          1fichier usually goes really fast for me. though you can only do one a day on the free.

          • Woolridge

            wasn’t it 1 at any time and 15-30 minutes wating time inbetween downloads? O_o

      • Mega has a daily download limit
        Although i think the admin can run his own file server and get rid of the dmca issue completely

  • giratina143

    goddamn google

  • Haitei Raoyue

    how abt diskokosmiko?

  • Japan Freaks

    is there a way to move your files? or you need to reupload everything?

  • Lawliet Aidan

    Click on the title -> Thinking this is a new game XD

    • Vinnie Sift

      I expected something with a Google chan, lol

    • ya just thinking this will be something new bcoz Google-Chan now is 18 years old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Lawliet Aidan

        this is gold hahaha XD

  • Régis Oliveira

    After GDrive, the best, fastest, and easyest one is MEGA. Try it, you won’t regret.

  • Sammy

    you can use MEGA too, it gives you free 50gb space

    • Vinnie Sift

      Yeah, and is very difficult download more than 1 GB.

      • someone come be my friend pls

        Really? I get around 300kbps which is not the best but is capable of downloading things over 1gb.

        • Vinnie Sift

          No, is not how fast is it. MEGA don’t let you download more than 1 GB. After that, you must wait like, 12 hours or so.
          At least that’s in my country. I use a VPN to avoid it but I try to avoid MEGA if I can.

          • NotADWeeb

            I’ve downloaded like a 40 gb game at full speed in a single download from mega before

          • landlock

            I think it’s about 3-4gb here (UK) before they ask you to wait on a free account.

        • Jack

          That’s weird. In my experience, it’s one of the fastest sites for the purpose. Haven’t actually seen Mega restricting dl speeds. I can pull around 5GB every 5 hrs on free account. Using VPN can get you out of that restriction.

      • Jack Hanggara

        No, is actually not
        I always download more than 2 GB use Mega Sync application, with Highs Speed download

      • Airi Yuuki

        U download the files and wait for notifications…. then choose register so u could download for 50GB

  • Maftuh Billah Tri Saputro


  • Jimmy Gunawan

    try solidfiles

  • Muhd Firdaus

    As long as you provide torrents I think most of us downloaders should be fine…

    • it risks more than getting a dmca, some authorities backtrack the seeder

      This is far worse if you are using a seedbox

  • Vinnie Sift

    I used Uplea a pair of times and is pretty good.

  • DarthPiingu


  • Endly

    meanwhile, you can use MEGA guys, it’s fast, believe me

  • Rinne

    OoOOOhHHh ! So that’s why every-time I download in Google Drive, it keeps saying that “You need permission”. So, I keep switching and validating my accounts if there is a problem on my downloads. Now I know the reasons, thanks for the info !

  • landlock

    MEGA works well on other sites if it’s possible, Mediafire might also be a possibility?

  • jesse cross

    why not use onedrive?

  • Itachi

    hahaha what the fuck i thought it was game

  • Onee-Sama

    Try Zyppyshare, archive the game, divide it in part (200 mb) then upload it.
    Some other site use this method and it work well.

  • Aka no Saber

    I saw this from long ago. are you having your second account being banned or is this post still the same from last post.

    • Woolridge

      it’s still the same post, but there are newcomers that are wondering about that problem every now and then in the chat so i asked athena if she would make it a sticky so i don’t have to explain it all the time^^

  • Aka no Saber

    I never having problem with mega. I don’t need to find the way to bypass mega overquota nor paying when it appear that “you have reach to download limited”. and never use that crappy illegal from 3rd party tool the friggin’ megadownloader.

  • Hafizat IkmaL


  • Crayon ShinChan

    im actually only download the eroge one :v thank you, i will wait for hddgames new account

  • kaz999

    i try the copy on google drive and it keep giving me error

    • 森島 かずや

      uhhh….yeah that’s what the announcement is for.

  • Inevitable Pranto

    you can use openload or mega, athena both are good file hosting sites

  • Tommy TOmz

    fast download >>google drive > diskokomiko >

  • Aknuraidil Hajj

    Could you try zxfiles as new host?

  • Yo admin, pls check your email
    I can help you with your own file server, the downloads will be pass protected tho
    But you can share logins to users thereby getting rid of the dmca shit :p

  • Jack Hanggara

    Please upload on openload or mega
    mega is pretty good, no expired, no banned. we can download with unlimited speed if we use Mega Sync app

  • Light Yagami

    probably the worst action game ever

  • Mohannad Najah Hassan

    what about using zippyshare

    • 森島 かずや

      if zippyshare has a download limit or upload limit
      then *poof*

  • LeoT

    Use Mega
    Mega’s the best

    • 森島 かずや

      not really, mega has a download limit.
      also when you use mega downloader, it’s really unstable

  • Yuukihime

    wait why this new game don’t have a link to download. 🙂

  • 53iky0 Social

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