God Eater Resurrection – CPY + Fitgirl Repack

 During the climax of Johannes von Schicksal’s plan to unleash Nova and trigger a Devouring Apocalypse, when the ships with the few chosen men and women who would survive and bring forth a new age for mankind, Shio takes Nova away from Earth and towards the Moon, saving the planet. However, fragments of the mighty Aragami remain behind, and Johannes’ son Soma Schicksal is tasked with gathering and disposing of them.

Title: God Eater Resurrection
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studio , SHIFT , QLOC
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Release Date: 29 Aug, 2016


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ 2.9GHz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 6670
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 15 GB available space


God Eater Resurrection Download

Size : 15GB




Size : 4.5GB


Updated: November 21, 2016 — 1:00 am
  • Chizuru_W

    it’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . ..

  • Mr.Rebellion

    Oh man, i just bought this game, 2 months ago -_-

    • Rizky Adianto Arief

      you can play multiplayer

      • Adam Jensen

        Too be honest, well made npc are better than most random players in multiplayer

        • Mr.Rebellion

          well i agree with you, lol

  • Mikado Meiji

    does this game deserve 15gb? even skyrim <10gb..is this game fully translated yet?

    • Chizuru_W

      yes, it is fully localized to english language already. On my opinion, 15gb is not a surprising size ‘cus most PC game with “Anime-ish” texture tend to have a big size. Err Uuuumm . .addition reason maybe the game engine used (LOL), skyrim and GE used the different engine, that’s why even-though Skyrim is open-world, it still have lower size than GE . . (Does Game Engine really affect the game’s size ?? I think yes LOL xD)

      • Mikado Meiji

        so better engine better graphic..not bad at all fighting tezca in hd xD

        • Adam Jensen

          as ps4 game it uses blue ray disc and ps4 hdd, both are quite big so console players don’t care about size much. pc size mostly comes from uncompressed hd videos and voice. steam don’t want to spend money on good ports, that’s all

        • Mikado Meiji

          and ppl still hail lord gaben and making dank hl3 waiting meme

      • ShinRei 矢神神霊

        Have you tried all Neptune spinoffs..!?? Mostly they’re less than 2GB. Other anime games with huge size were caused by the uncompressed movies/cutscenes. Just look at Agarest games, Dragon Quest, Naruto, One Piece, etc. Model textures don’t really matter because they’re just getting upscaled and compressed from console version most of the time. Textures really matter on game like Skyrim, Witcher, GTA, etc because if they support 4K resolution they need to render all the textures in 2160p not just upscaling it. Skyrim’s cutscenes/movies mostly are rendered by the in-game engine so no additional space needed hence the smaller size.

        • Chizuru_W

          @mikado_meiji:disqus this was the proper answer that you’re looking for. :)) . Just look up to this comment. Don’t forget to upvote this person xD .

  • Eko Handoyo

    Hell yeah thank you very much!
    love u

  • mahin sohail

    thank you thank you thank you admin

  • Adam Jensen

    Very good, still 15 gb is too much, if i correct psv verion was 3.3 gb. Thanks ps4 for this great, inflated port.

    • Zekken

      the graphic and some new contents maybe

      • Adam Jensen

        Nah, just poor port like most of the steam’s. While they are do a good thing bringing ps games to us poor pc users (lol) their ports are terrible.

        • Chizuru_W

          At least it doesn’t have a fps problem like what happen on Toukiden Kiwami . .

    • Mikado Meiji

      or you can just go to movie folder and convert to 3gp and save 2gb+ haha jk

    • Mikado Meiji

      seriously google fit girl repack edition shud be around 4.7gb only

  • Adam Jensen

    Good news is that if CPY finally managed to crack this game, we can hope to see GE2 RB soon.

  • Endly

    hmm, i can play this while waiting for the GE2:RB, i read on the wiki that it’s been made for PC too.

  • bremboo

    damn 15gb and my file is corrupted :c
    gotta go another try

    • Adam Jensen

      better try torrent

  • AnimeGamer

    I smell a GE2:RB, and it’s about to cause uproar all over the internet.

  • Renn Aldo

    why my game already launched but the game not show. i look at task manager there still actice. please ? help

    • Mr.Rebellion

      try “run as administrator”

    • Chizuru_W

      This is only a suggestion, u won’t get hurt if u’re going or not going to try this.
      1) Download and install latest DirectX (tho this game is only DirectX9)
      2) Install latest .NET Framework
      3) Install 2010,2012,2013 vcredist for both x86 and x64.
      4) Try run the game using the compatibility Windows XP or Windows 7.

      Other solution is probably to Turn off your anti-virus(or/and other security software) during installation or during the gameplay.

  • Renn Aldo


  • Joshua Rexy

    why i always crash when run it?

    • Chizuru_W

      1) Try to manually turn on your NVIDIA before playing the game.
      2) Try different windows compatibility
      3) Try turn off ur Anti-Virus before playing.

      I’m sorry if this doesn’t help u.

    • Akalanka Sandaruwan

      does it go past the intro?? any error messages?? or just crashes into the desktop when you launch it??

      there are few things you can try.

      1. update the graphic drivers
      2. check if you have the visual c## redistributes.. if not install them!
      3. instal k lite codec pack! it might be a codec issue

  • Renn Aldo

    already run as administrator. but nothing has change. any other way bro ? thnks

    • Mikado Meiji

      if u got black screen but audio is playing try compatibility to your win version

    • Keith Schenider

      Try Install steam first

      • Adam Jensen

        instal steam for a cracked game? good idea if you want your steam account banned

      • ShinRei 矢神神霊

        LOL this denuvo game was cracked by an infamous scene group with proper crack. You need to install steam only for playing games with “un-proper” crack e.g bypass crack or with steam emulator (steamfix not SSE). Avoid trying to get others banned on steam pls ╮(╯▽╰)╭

        • Kagenoakuma

          what if i already have steam?

          • Yupiel (Chronoire)

            Doesn’t matter. Cracks are independent, and having steam does not prevent the crack to run. Just don’t go online while playing and you won’t risk your account got banned. Or better yet, use fake/unused account if you still want to go online.

  • Mohammad Abdul Ghofur Jaelani

    waiting GE 2 rage burst

  • Mohammad Abdul Ghofur Jaelani

    upload repack to mega please

  • mahin sohail

    what’s the fitgirl repack?

    • Akalanka Sandaruwan

      same game but with significantly reduced size! repack is taking the original game and then compressing it using various techniques so the result is low file sized setup file. pretty good to save bandwidth and time!

      pros:- easy to download. saves bandiwdth
      cons:- takes longer time to install due to compression and uncompression!

      so if you dont wanna download the whopping 15 gb download the 4 gb repack! it’s the same game!

      • Maximillion Chronos

        why’s the size stated here is 4.5 but when i’m downloading it, it says 4.9?

        • Akalanka Sandaruwan

          it might be a typo! happens a lot. dont worry about it!

      • mahin sohail

        thanks a lot for the info dude

        • Akalanka Sandaruwan

          no prob!

      • mahin sohail


  • Rhonel Nemesio Recinto

    Any idea how to play multiplayer with other people who installed the game on this site ?

  • 1881eagle .

    kinda wish it was an undubbed version…

  • Mark

    plss add Torrent…

  • Adam Jensen

    torrent for fitgirl plz

  • Adam Jensen

    Two hours to install fitgirl repack, just to know that game is not working, awesome…

  • Adam Jensen

    Wasted whole day reinstaling and updating this game, not working, daaamn…

  • nobody

    wait, this is dubbed? It can’t use japanese audio?

  • ŠhīnŤãrø Kúrøñèkô

    when i open it nothing happens

  • Yukino

    what is fitgirl ?

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