Himegari Dungeon Meister + English Patched

There used to be a war between Maou (king of demons) and humans. The Maou advanced on the territory of humans, but he finally lost his life…

“I’ll never die. I’ll be back soon and get even with you…”

Though humans won the war, they fearfully confined the Maou deep down underground. World peace was back…

Until one day…..

“Oh, great. I’ll take revenge on humans using this new body!”

He was saved by a monster, Lily. His body that Lily chose was, however, too weak to fight alone, so he and Lily decided to go down into the underground labyrinth to get back his real body…

PC Game: Himegari Dungeon Meister / Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister
Release Date: 2009-04-24
Genre: Eroge, Visual Novel, Strategy
Publisher: Eushully
Region: Japan
Languages: Japanese audio with PARTIAL English



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Translation Update

Updated: March 27, 2016 — 9:47 am
  • nrnrisuki

    what does partial english mean?
    parts of the story is still japanese?
    the english translatation is somewhat google translate style?

    • Mutsulini

      that mean some part form the story still using kanji

  • Traft

    having a problem were if i pick up any item the game just freezes anyone got a solution?

  • Paul Croft

    how do you even install this? What buttons do you press? Which install do you use because both are basically full of a couple letters and tons of ????? and no matter what buttons, that are labeled in Jap. nothing installs.

    • Grey DronE

      its japanese and your computer language not japanese…
      change your computer language…

      maybe you can use APPLOCALE, but im not download this game and play it yet so im not sure, ….

  • Tera

    why on battle scene all effect all over place when window mode every battle the game open new window and play the effect

    same as sound effect its like all effect played on 1 hit and the battle really long

    how to fix this?

    • Tera

      also how i can download new translation stuck at /sh.st web site

  • Datago Reinald

    How do i makit to worck with eng patch

  • Glory Kun

    Need Help.Im using a 1366×768 resolution.When i open the game there always a black bar on both side of the game when in fullscreen mode.Anyone know how to fix?
    Thanks in advance

  • Glory Kun

    Need confirmation.When a character like Colette KOed in battle.She really completely out of the game or there a way to bring her back?

  • Carman

    links and partial patch are not working for me.

    • Please don’t abuse me…

      Did you get it to work?

      • Carman

        Translation update is still 404 screen :(.

  • Fairly Grim

    Can someone re-upload this to g-drive? It would be a big help.

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