Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト) – DEMO

Game Name : Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト)
Company : ILLUSION
Release Date : 2016/09/09
Language : English / JPN
Rating : 18+
Type : DEMO


[ILLUSION] Honey♥Select (ハニーセレクト) – DEMO download

Demo + Addon + Translate Patch


Search in site for links 🙂

Updated: June 28, 2016 — 6:42 am
  • dayum graphics *_*

  • Mohammad Abdul Ghofur Jaelani

    graphic wow 0.0

  • Dymarda Indra

    can I know system requirement of this game ??

    • Akalanka Sandaruwan

      no worries! any decent computer can run this! made of unity 5! i have a core i3 3 ghz 4 gb and 750 ti machine! and this game do support 32 bits! if you can run any modern game fine then you will be able to run this too!

  • vina mutia

    upload ini copiapop please

  • Renata Kisaragi

    Illusion finally made the big step

    • Akalanka Sandaruwan

      they improved the lighting! other than that it’s the same play club unity build! so mods for play club can be used in this with little bit of work! or vice versa! some guy at hongfire already got pajama clothes from this to play club!

  • Wanderer

    When will be full game released? This is only Demo, right?

    • Screech


  • Dodo

    can anyone tell me step to install it?

  • Conscript Guerra

    Honestly, cant install the translation…but what the hell…

    • Jed

      I can’t get the translation installed either. Luckily it’s only a CC so it isn’t too bad for now.

  • addhem

    Can someone share how do u install the translation for this games..

  • Prince George

    wow… new from ILLUSION XD ~

  • Cangak

    can someone please tell me how to install the translation?

    • Arnold Vengeancee
      • Shibelion

        Can’t see a translation in there…

        • Arnold Vengeancee

          look there ..
          Just follow the steps and download ..
          there is mod

          • Cangak

            would you just post it here please? hongfire is blocked by my damn internet provider

          • Arnold Vengeancee

            changed your IP ..!
            go to hongfire .. there always update mod and patch .. 😀
            put it in the folder “plugins” < MOD (maybe)

          • Shibelion

            M8… I did… I checked out all 17 goddamn topics there and none of them has any translation to English… None. Only an English launcher but I already got that one and I also want the game to be in Eng just like on the pic above.
            By the by, the English patch should be in this download as it says: “Demo + Addon + Translate Patch”, but there isn’t. So what what what. ;-;

          • Akalanka Sandaruwan

            it’s already included in this download! 3 files named
            and the eng launcher file!
            just copy and paste the files! oh i remember that it didnt work right away! i think i ran it using the original untranslated exe or with admin rights!

          • Shibelion

            What the hell are you even babbling about, there are no such files in this download. You download a single .rar (735 MB) which only contains the demo game, and that’s it.

          • Akalanka Sandaruwan

            really?? 😮 see i got all of them in the downloaded rar! hmmmm either way glad you got it to work!

          • Shibelion

            Oh thanks, but all of them can be found on Hongfire, what’s more, there’re links to the updates of the trial. Latest version is 1.1.1, I think.

  • Jed

    I can’t install the translation for some reason. I extracted all the files into the folder like it was said to, but it isn’t working. Hopefully when the full game releases I can get it working, I don’t mind so much on this since it is just a character creator.

    • Jed

      The graphics are absolutely incredible though. Can’t wait for Artificial Academy 3 if this is the way they’re going.

  • Finnius

    Can’t wait to see the full version. Wish I knew Japanese so I could help with translations.

  • Ruri

    how to install?

  • Jack Moeller

    I love the game.

  • Delta

    Please don’t link to dangerous sites. PC immediatley came under attack following your link.

  • Joseph Baum

    don’t follow this link. He puts them on most of the games and they only put adware and programs that you can’t get off. Be careful and only use the links from hddgames,

  • Screech

    Only a few more days before full release 😀

  • Pheng Xiong

    if by chance someone have the full version, please leave the links down below.

  • poramate trewatsajuk


  • dasda


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