Illusion Play Club

Game Info:

Game: [ILLUSION] Play Club (プレイクラブ)
Expansion: Play Club Append + Studio
Rating: 18+
Release Date: 2015/04/24
Language: English with Patch





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Updated: April 3, 2016 — 2:15 am
  • bonbon

    This full English? Or half English?

  • nobody

    can anyone tell me how to install everything? Since i got confused because there are many exe files and there mdf and mds file

    • Fuu Lezzi

      change the mdf to .iso, mount, install, hit the second button, then after installed, install translations and dlc to the same folder

  • Jed

    How do I install the English? I did the HF patch and nothing is different

  • Young Chuen

    Be sure to install this in Japanese locale.

  • Jack Moeller


  • Mememan

    Yeah, don’t download that shit, it gave me a dick load of adware and bloat ware. Took me all morning to get it off, thanks, douche.

    • mc dickmuncher

      ikr fucking hate these ppl, gave my fucking pc cancer

    • Mizuki678

      first time downloading a crack game?

    • Psycho Remedy

      Proof? And what installation gave you the virus, meaning what part.

  • Hans Dampf

    So this is basically RapeLay 2?

  • wing yo

    is this same as rapelay?
    full English version?

    • Hans Dampf

      It feels like RapeLay with an alternative setting and story. The girls look the same, the youngest daughter looks a bit older than in RapeLay and there’s now 3 daughters. The girls have the same family name like in RapeLay but the first name was changed. It’s not as violent as RapeLay but you still rape the girls.

      The story this time is that your’re hired by an creepy old rich man to have sex with a mother and her 3 daughters he had kidnapped. He just likes to watch. But the story gets kinda interesting towards the end, if you care for the story.

      It’s not 100% translated but I’d say 99,9%. Only around 6 interaction buttons are still in japanese but you’ll quickly figure out what they do.

      • wing yo

        i need english version.. hope HF will release it..

        • SoundOfDarkness

          It’s english. Like I said, only a few not very important buttons are still japanese.

          • wing yo

            do you have installation guide for this?

      • Robert X Macedo

        There’s also the fact that you can edit the girls now, they look what you want.

  • Arnold Vengeancee

    Update Patch and other DLC’s in here ..!

  • Ajizu17

    The patch error, there’s file cannot be patched ex: FemaleCos_05.unity3d

  • Ajizu17

    HF patch is not completely installed, there are many error files in it. any other site to download hf patch? Please let me know, thx…?

  • TheForestVoice

    How to mod this? Basically at least I want the male char looks decent.

  • Delta

    how to instal this game?

  • Death Below

    Basically Sims.
    just with a better camera angle

  • tom ogle

    where is the studio patch?? i cannot find it on launcher

  • Tuluss Si Kulu Watoki

    How to instal please ??? no setup or launcher on pack

    • Tuluss Si Kulu Watoki

      Oh sorry setup already exists in the folder 🙂

      • rony pichardo

        the game is work ?

  • Anime4life

    add different links

  • Puneet Chaudhary

    Links down for Ep2 and Ep 3

  • Alan Leonardo

    Yo, people, I’ve just downloaded and installed Illusion Play Club and well, it did go well, with no problems in the English subs, crashing, opening of the program etc. but well, the body of the characters are colored black, Only their face aren’t, so can anyone tell me what to do?
    Or did I do something wrong somewhere?
    Help please!

  • Desmond See

    How to install pls teach me urgent

    • Mekururuhanae

      Open File mds using power iso that 2,02 in there and there u go setup in there wtf

  • Desmond See

    pls post with usercloud link tq

  • Reza Tandhika

    any body can help me how to install it? i’m confused

  • nieli

    pleash upload patch for studio …

  • orlanso 2
    I just learned MOD, please try - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2017 Frontier Theme