(ILLUSION) Play Home (プレイホーム) + Extras

Game Name : Play Home (プレイホーム)Company : ILLUSION
Release Date : 2017/10/13
Status : FULL
Size : 1.5GB

Playhome + Office Lady Costume Set + Sexy Bondage Set + Swimsuit Set

(18禁ゲーム) [171013] [ILLUSION] プレイホーム Disk 1 (iso+mds+マニュアル+rr3).rar (4.5 GiB)
(18禁ゲーム) [171013] [ILLUSION] プレイホーム Disk 2 (iso+mds+マニュアル+rr3).rar (2.1 GiB)
(18禁ゲーム) [171013] [ILLUSION] プレイホーム オフィシャル予約特典.rar (12.0 MiB)
(18禁ゲーム) [171013] [ILLUSION] プレイホーム 予約特典 OL2着セット.rar (9.3 MiB)

Play Home Download

Kbagi – GDrive – 1Fichier – UserscloudUptoboxUptobox

V1 Translation

Updated: October 15, 2017 — 7:37 am
  • KiritoX


  • KiritoX

    V1 Translation Link broke

  • Mr.Rebellion

    dis gonnna be gud

  • Serena Wills

    Can u upload a link for Mega it is much better and faster please

    • Woolridge

      how about using gdrive (up to 40MB/s) or 1fichier (free account needed but still around 10-15MB/s) instead of whining?

  • Bambino Nevada

    can tell how to install this game

  • Eri Didi

    Does this English translation too?

  • Azri Kusanagi Ryoku

    Who else if run 64-bit just black screen? But can run 32-bit normally?

  • isenia
  • isenia
  • I’m innocent

    guys,, use IDM “Internet Download Manager” to download.. and use Uptobox for DL link.. its way faster than other’s on the list.. Trust me!!

    • Woolridge

      as if, gdrive gives me up to 40MB/s if availible, and even if it’s not, 1fichier still offers around 10-15MB/s, that IDM crap can’t possibly boost more than that out of a crap hoster like uptobox >_<

      • I’m innocent

        I think it only takes 35mins to dl 6gb on this files for me and also im using idm to dl movies and games for 6years I’m only 13 that time lol.. I got good result 50-80mbps sometimes it can reach 100+ on midnight and it’s not hustle to use like others (not bragging though).
        Gdrive is not my thing maybe😂😂😂😂

        • Woolridge

          lol, 35minutes sweet…
          i just tested it with gdrive and it took me like 3-4 minutes for the 6.7gb xD
          and that without any crap like IDM or whatever^^

        • Rick

          not trying to be rude, but it seems to me your internet kinda sucks

    • KiritoX

      Nah fam, Google Drive much faster…

  • Rudy Tan

    how to install this game. format rar but if i use winrar only show disk1 and others wont show.but when use daemon tool all files are shown.any help??

  • SoundOfDarkness

    Now just to wait for the uncensor patch.

  • Ser Zuzul

    So this game is just like Rapelay, only rape simulator?

    • suti #2

      It’s just like rapelay where the characters breaks into a home and defile the women except the characters all look assumably over 18 in this one except 2 and idk if you can die.

    • suti #2

      Its alot similar to rapelay, but it may not have a death end, and all the characters look over 18 and the youngest doesn’t look 12. The storyline of defiling a household is still in tact.

  • Try Theo

    V1 Translation link dead, pls fix it


    Please FIX link V1 Translation….

  • Chaos Despero

    please fix V1 Translation link

  • floppy831

    uploaded link split part plss..

  • Joshua Lewis

    GDrive link dead. plz fix. the others take too long to download.

  • dika2

    i download from gdrive and kbagi, but both of them has corrupt file

    • Depit

      thats just for you….

  • Joshua Lewis

    translations don’t work. The thing is still in Japanese…..

    • HInosuke

      both game and translation work for me, im using windows 10 too

      • Joshua Lewis

        got the game to run but the translations still don’t work. Could you please explain to me how you got them to work?.

        • Just_Another_Stupid_Comment

          same with me

    • Depit

      What!!! Even my trashy laptop with dual core 1.1 ghz can play this game…

    • Azri Kusanagi Ryoku

      Helllo. I got black screen too. but only 64bit ver. How do you run it? But I can play it on 32 bit ver. but I still want to run 64 bit ver

  • Depit

    This shit just give you an biology course.. And don’t give a damn about literature……. Still my inner self want to play it……. Cuz for reference…

  • Alex Kirk

    i can do to fullscreen can somebody help me

    • Just_Another_Stupid_Comment

      so you click the exe of the game a window appears in japanese right at the top right there’s a resolution tab below is a small box, click that box (also change the resolution if you so wish)

  • Flame Goddess

    how to save?

  • Sly Falcos

    What are the basic controls of this game? I feel stupid for not knowing this, I have tried several buttons and mouse functions but no effect on the animation etc

  • JaWa

    maybe MEGA or torrent please?

  • chempe

    Gdrive quota exceed, please fix & reupload it

  • Yushikimaru

    Can’t Download on Gdrive

  • Sam

    can’t open the archive on gdrive (using 7zip)

  • Alexander Quednau

    The arcive from gdrive cannot be opened.

  • Axel

    The arcive from gdrive cannot be opened.

  • aman

    disk 2 rar files crc error…
    if i open rar file with 7zip only then i can see 2 winrar file of disk 1 and disk 2.
    after both rar’s files extracktion.. if i try to extract disk 2 rar file by winrar or 7zip it gives me crc error..
    please upload disk 2 separately.

  • Mohammad Haekal Nadapdap

    why i just got one disk on my rar file ? ,somebody ?

  • Mohammad Haekal Nadapdap

    just disk 1 i mean

  • Ryvald

    why i just get 1 disk? -_-

  • Elvin Patterson

    Why description says 1.5GB and Google Drive Says 6.5GB?

    • R Luthfi

      Dunno bro, i wonder why

      • Elvin Patterson

        Same here..

  • YOLOswag

    i am play honey select and i am enjoying it 😛 so what’s the different between honey select and play home

    • R Luthfi

      Not much, just this game is similiar to old illusion game RapeLay

  • Chaos Despero

    is this ver 1.2 ?

  • I’m not even mad at all

    can the captain post a link beacon here?
    if yes, captain will drop a link supplies

  • Udon


  • George of Azgad

    link to uncensor patch please?, also what version is this?

  • Yuda God

    Why Japanese language?

  • pantakan kantarak

    only got 1 disk

  • nieli

    please give me link for disk 2 : i only got disk 1 …..
    i was download on google drive …

  • nieli

    hi .. if you cannot find disk 2 , you just install 7zip last update and extract with that ..
    here http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    its work for me ..


    I’ts possible to have an UNCENSOR PATCH?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Rico Ananda Mikola Putra

    I’ts possible to have an UNCENSOR PATCH?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Nicoblog

    Look stunning eroge games with doa character alike.

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