• Luckzor Kerch

      In the info says TRIAL, so yes.

  • nobody

    well, one thing that I know this still haven’t patched, pity

  • Light Yagami

    still waiting for artificial academy 3, gimme an actual h game, not the stupid fap content

    • AnimeGamer

      Well said my friend

    • anatakotogasuki

      huh?! all hentai games is for Fapping.

      • Light Yagami

        That’s right, but still i preffer h games where fapping is not mandatory hahaha, there is even h games with possible virgin endgame ya know.
        imo h game with good difficulty, kinky situations and sexy heroine are the best. Possibilities, that’s what important, not the raw h content

        • dste

          give me a few names, except artifical academy. ty!

          • AnimeGamer

            I don’t know if you play RPGM Games but they’re the ones that most likely adopt that kind of setting: “Virgin Island”, “The Nobleman’s Retort”, “Rune’s Pharmacy”, “Nekomimi Nyanderful”, “Ecchi Mery and the Peryls of the Cosmic Shrine”, “Treasure Hunter Mai”, and many many others.

          • Ninja_Regnorok

            you da MVP!!!!

            Also try Dark elf historia, haru uru, Naked order, Noxian nights, Rance series, mosnter girl quest, Demon master chris

        • Redshadow

          i agreed with u bro

          • Redshadow

            yeah me also looking for a game like that

        • frep you

          i prefer to work for my fapping rather than have it handed to me
          ^_- makes for better enjoyment

    • Jack Hanggara

      you think h with action/adventure, or story?
      I recommend you to play eroge, nah

    • Thisisit

      Waiting for Custom Maid 3D 3.

  • giratina143

    is this one of those simulation games? i just want a story damnit

  • Uchiha Madara

    Specs for this game?

  • Avomie

    I dunno i liked Sexy Beach Premium Resort. There was a story line and shiet to do. I wish i could see a H-Games like the sim. you Know relationship stuff. I know it’s kinda weird… I wish i could see or create a game where theres is Faping and gameplay.

    • nif123

      nice idea

    • OfficialG3

      is AA2 & SM2 not considered one ? personally im waiting for AA3 and maybe SM3

      • Avomie

        AA2 AG3, i don’t know SM2(or don’t know what it stands for), Doesnt seem to have much gameplay, The gameplay of those are repetitive.
        I hate repetive behavior.

        I was talk about a game like Skyrim (where every houses can be entered) Imagine a city like Custom girl 3d, where you can enter any houses by being invited or you decided to lockpick and steal all the stuff from the house. with the stuff you steal, you can sell or put in your own house to make it pretty. Missions to make the main girls like you, quest for anyone in the city making you money or to gain ♥♥♥.

        • kinith saephan

          thats rough. It requires alot of coding and work to create something like that. From what I know SBPR was their hardest undertaking in creating and ensuring the gameplay matched the fapping. The engine just doesn’t work that well. It’s why HS and VR stuff is the priorty these days. The layout is there just have to implement art and base codes.

  • OfficialG3

    i find it interesting its running with unity, spec wise it seems to only occupy 2 cores (mid range cpu runs fine with max settings, 760K + 260X, suit it to youself)
    and ofc it comes with mosaic which ruins the mood but whatevs,im sure hf will make a patch later in late october or so 😛
    also this game feels rapelay ish, sounds like a10 year remake i guess 😛

  • LeoT

    Trial version — not even a cum scene —
    The blonde girl is good though

  • dwi anang makruf imami

    when the full version is released

  • BatZilla

    that cover remind me of raplay, is this remastered/remake of it?

  • Bambino Nevada

    how to install this game ?

  • Avomie

    Yea i noticed how SB PR was. And i think they should’ve went with Unreal 4 instead of Unity. I have played a lot in that engine, and played with games that uses Unity has Engine, and the only thing i can say after a certain while all games that uses that Engine after a while they start lagging. And if loaded with mods. It will either crash/lag/Load forever.
    Trust me when i say they should’ve gone with Unreal 4 Engine.

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