• Luckzor Kerch

      In the info says TRIAL, so yes.

  • nobody

    well, one thing that I know this still haven’t patched, pity

  • Light Yagami

    still waiting for artificial academy 3, gimme an actual h game, not the stupid fap content

    • AnimeGamer

      Well said my friend

    • anatakotogasuki

      huh?! all hentai games is for Fapping.

      • Light Yagami

        That’s right, but still i preffer h games where fapping is not mandatory hahaha, there is even h games with possible virgin endgame ya know.
        imo h game with good difficulty, kinky situations and sexy heroine are the best. Possibilities, that’s what important, not the raw h content

        • dste

          give me a few names, except artifical academy. ty!

          • AnimeGamer

            I don’t know if you play RPGM Games but they’re the ones that most likely adopt that kind of setting: “Virgin Island”, “The Nobleman’s Retort”, “Rune’s Pharmacy”, “Nekomimi Nyanderful”, “Ecchi Mery and the Peryls of the Cosmic Shrine”, “Treasure Hunter Mai”, and many many others.

          • Ninja_Regnorok

            you da MVP!!!!

            Also try Dark elf historia, haru uru, Naked order, Noxian nights, Rance series, mosnter girl quest, Demon master chris

    • Jack Hanggara

      you think h with action/adventure, or story?
      I recommend you to play eroge, nah

    • Thisisit

      Waiting for Custom Maid 3D 3.

  • giratina143

    is this one of those simulation games? i just want a story damnit

  • Uchiha Madara

    Specs for this game?

  • Avomie

    I dunno i liked Sexy Beach Premium Resort. There was a story line and shiet to do. I wish i could see a H-Games like the sim. you Know relationship stuff. I know it’s kinda weird… I wish i could see or create a game where theres is Faping and gameplay.

    • nif123

      nice idea

    • OfficialG3

      is AA2 & SM2 not considered one ? personally im waiting for AA3 and maybe SM3

  • OfficialG3

    i find it interesting its running with unity, spec wise it seems to only occupy 2 cores (mid range cpu runs fine with max settings, 760K + 260X, suit it to youself)
    and ofc it comes with mosaic which ruins the mood but whatevs,im sure hf will make a patch later in late october or so 😛
    also this game feels rapelay ish, sounds like a10 year remake i guess 😛

  • LeoT

    Trial version — not even a cum scene —
    The blonde girl is good though

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