• Ty sir . Nice Kumpulbagi 😀
    Just 79MB ? REAL SIZE ?

    • Biscotti NomNom

      Over 528Mb after extracting.

      • Makise Kurisu

        So, this is highly compressed? You said the original file was 528mb, but when on rar/zip (because you said extracting) it only 79mb.

  • mahin sohail

    admin can you post gdrive or torrent links?

  • mahin sohail

    admin none of the links are working?

  • Revian Samuel

    which version it this?

  • Jed

    Which is the fastest download link? Shouldn’t take 30 minutes for 79mb when I can download 10gb in 5 minutes.

    • Adam Jensen

      now half of the users with slow internet hates you, no need to show off here lol

      • koalalaok

        or you can stop getting triggered at everything.

        • Adam Jensen

          this is my opinion on your post, if you don’t want negative comments think before post something

    • Zero Vault

      -_- cool dude

    • Lee ON

      Ugh, I can only be 1gb in 10 minutes…

  • Adam Jensen

    what it this game, does it have actual gameplay or it just some lame f@p material?

    • Basically

      No, just plain old porn, no backstory,no MMO. Just plain porn, not even good porn tbh

  • Baka

    how to play this? it only shows the girl standing and nothing happened

    • Baka

      ok found the button. it s the tiny japanese text near the title

  • Finnius

    Seriously…don’t waste your bandwidth getting this game. Terribly buggy…very limited simulation…overall poor quality.

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