Koiken Otome English

A long time ago, unknown beings known as Kotona invaded Earth in search of food. Humans were unable to repel them until after a few years, some people gained special abilities known as ‘douryoku’ which allowed them to exterminate the Kotona and return peace to the world.

Title Koiken Otome
Original title 恋剣乙女
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Developer Eufonie
Publishers Eufonie
Language English
Rating 18+


Koiken Otome download

Size : 4GB


Copiapop – Kumpulbagi – Uptobox – Usersfiles – Mega

Updated: July 13, 2016 — 6:12 pm
  • Ao

    when i open the rar it say “The Archived is either in unknown format or damaged”

    • meh

      maybe the file got corrupted while downloading, so maybe re-download from a different link.
      or the file itself is corrupt

      • Ao

        i try in kumpulbagi twice and get that error, maybe use the other link

        • meh

          I’m currently downloading the mega version I’ll tell you if it works when it finishes downloading

        • meh

          yeah works fine for me so maybe try the mega link or use a different program like 7-zip to extract the files,if all that doesn’t work it’s probably a problem at your end

          • faishal amin

            thanks man
            help me a lot on playing this game 😀

          • LuLu KiGami

            mega corrupted to and uptobox

    • sawada tsun

      If you’re using 7zip then it might because 7zip doesn’t compatible or like that particular archive. so try use winrar to extract.

  • Shuhan Blooddrunk

    any torrent link?

  • LuLu KiGami

    corrupted too. but can extract the game can run but no back ground its blackscreen but characters are present. error or corrupted file data2pack. can somebody give me file for this cause i download this for 3 days so i cant re download it again.

  • LuLu KiGami

    about the corrupted file need rar5 cause it used new compression.

  • Ragath

    Like the game <3

  • Cangak

    i’m using older netbook, is there any way to make it full screen on resolution lower than HD? any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  • zomdd

    gdrive please…

  • Asep Wildan

    Can you available link download google drive for every games on the site, please ?…. Thank you

  • Ella Lener

    This Koiken Otome English is not working for me. However, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Koiken Otome English from here : http://goo.gl/99ozsi

  • Haremlord

    Dayum help why if i click skip ad on adFly it keep back repeating T_T i dont even know how many time the ad repeat

  • Haremlord

    Anyone please help me why when finish the extract all the word i got are this ??????? so many question mark please help T_T

    • Haremlord

      and btw please reply is there any Haremroute in this story? WHere he marry all of them?

      • Chizuru_W

        From what I saw on VNDB, there will be no harem ending xD .Unless someone here somehow able to get that kind of ending tho, which is kinda almost impossible . .maybe . . [] 😛

    • Fire Wolf

      im having this same problem need help

  • Sara

    Hi. Someone could help me… i have already extracted the files and changed my sistem locale to japanes but…why when i try to open the VN with 恋剣乙女.exe. it doesn’t work and appears a japanes phrase. anyway sorry for my english if isn’t perfect .9

    • Zero Vault

      why don’t you try using locale emulator? it works for me

  • Jinxelin Valent

    Working like a charm for me, thanks for the game.

  • Abdurrahman Syaubani

    Gdrive pls 🙂

  • Oskari Kataja


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