Libra of the Vampire Princess

Shuma Kusanagi is just an ordinary boy…
Until he’s suddenly abducted by the vampire ringleader Iris Pumila, who reveals to him the secret of his birth: he has vampire blood coursing through his veins, and it is her destiny to awaken him!

Title: Libra of the Vampire Princess
Genre: AdventureCasualSimulation
Developer: onomatope* , MiKandi Japan
Publisher: onomatope*MiKandi Japan
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2017


Libra of the Vampire Princess Download

Size 6GB

Link removed due to dmca

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  • Yuuki Heinestein

    lol visual novel non-eroge or eroge is no. one eh? gdrive

  • force zero22

    this game include patch 18+ or not

    • Aznboii1993

      yes it does but too bad its unplayable cuz it has a bug that makes it crash on certain routes.

      • Yuuki Heinestein

        I think I or we need to request this game in full games in non-eroge first and 18+ patch or else just like you said bug.

        • force zero22

          thank you guys

      • Class F Inquisitor FFF member

        It has to be the STEAM version of the game.

      • Dean

        I was able to get through the Calen route but I haven’t tried any of the others yet. There were a few places where the game CTD but I found that I could fast forward through them to keep playing. At some point towards the end of the route I turned off the visual effects and that seemed to make the game a bit more stable for me.

  • Zatasn

    I really want to play this game but if it has bugs that kill the experience ik It will be patched. So when the patch are complete u guys can make know? i will rlly appreciate it.

  • Class F Inquisitor FFF member

    Uh…so IS this the STEAM version? The 18+ patch won’t work otherwise

  • Ice

    To avoid crashes, all you have to do is remove screen effects !

    • AWAKEN

      Thank you !!

    • force zero22

      how to remove screen effect?

      • Ice

        Just go into the game configs, you’ll find “screen effects” and turn it off

        • force zero22

          thank you

  • Janusz Fabrowski

    how fix

    Task NO.1 adr : 0x4957739[0x37739] (0x5b5)
    command: @MDDAVIPlay
    File Not found.
    mvLibraE_OP.mpg ??

    PS i checked to see if the file was there and it is.

  • crazieboy lagisting

    how to download from torrent

  • crazieboy lagisting

    net fucking slow so..i need torrent

  • anatakotogasuki

    work perfectly for me without any issues. win8.1/64bit

  • force zero22

    patch 18+ in what folder?

  • Nicholas Elqui Keisuke

    can someone send me the “LIBRAeS_S2” coding or something? it says “LIBRAeS_S2: file error”

  • Inuzumi

    I can’t understand how people can download from Google Drive, please upload it in torrent D:>

  • Exasper

    Alright, since god knows I’m not the only one with this question I’ll be the one to ask it: What the hell is the big fuss between using Torrent and GDrive? I use them both for different things, and both have their pluses and negatives, so why are some people so hard set on one or the other? I also have a small policy of making no more than two comments on any game’s comment section, so I probably won’t reply to any return messages, but don’t take it personally.

    • Nam Bui

      both torrent and gdrive is good, so is mega, uptobox, dropbox. Imo everything is good as long as I can download

    • Dean

      I don’t do torrents. I don’t like them and I don’t like how they work. I don’t really have a preference for GDrive. I just want a dl that isn’t a torrent.

      • RelicZexide

        how to use GDrive cuz he is ‘drive-ing’ me insane…. no really idk how to use GDrive :c

    • Endly

      maybe those torrent haters are techno noobs who can’t even ensure their PC’s protection. but actually, avoiding torrent files that’s not packed with RAR (or “naked”) is safe enough in general.

  • Demetrious Vaughan

    game crashed on me. what’s going on

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