• Bagus Indra

    thank you 😀

  • sawada tsun

    Thanks athena 😀

  • Crayon ShinChan

    My God thank you, im waiting this seizo route, arigatou

  • Ragath

    Wait, was A1 uploaded?
    I want Benkeeeeiiii!
    Thanks though. 😛

    • Aq mirul

      already upload i think~ becuz i already play a1 which one benkei route~

  • ShinRei 矢神神霊

    Still waiting for A-5 but good enough. Minamoto-chan ftw

  • Kurosaki Ridzuan


  • Ser Zuzul

    the h-scenes felt really short compared to the previous games in the series tbh

    • Angga Septian

      it’s a fan disc afterall…

  • Eko Handoyo

    love u

  • Ajizu17

    Waiting for A-3, A-4, and A-5

    • 『   』

      its already out but just doesnt have eng translated version

      • Ajizu17

        I know but I waiting for eng patch for these series…

        • 『   』

          one eng patch is one year

          • ShinRei 矢神神霊

            Everyone knew about other fandisks lol but how do you know they release only one patch per year, are you one of the tl team!? Fyi A-1 released just 5 months ago ┐(‘~`;)┌

          • 『   』

            they said they more likely gonna have a lot of break and they happen to be on a busy years
            how do i know , i know from reading some stuff on the internet

          • Ajizu17

            Need more than 3 years to have eng patch for these series… ???

  • faishal amin


  • darkie

    how do you get this to work? o.O instalation gives an error about majikoiA-2.exe

  • darkie
  • Cipuca Puci

    I truly doing this for research purpose, never playing any 18+ games

    • Jangkrik14

      What kind of research is that ?

      Fap fap research ?

      • Gewalt

        Best answer xD Your da man!

    • NeoUsui

      Hey~ glad to see someone else with the same intention as I am 😀

  • James

    None of these sites seem to work, or at least most of them requires you to make an account which I’m not sure I should be doing. Is there a better way to download?

    • James

      Nevermind, just had to turn off smart screen filter. Thanks!

  • thecatdreams

    how to install?

  • Crayon ShinChan

    btw i can’t save the progress, it seems the game is preinstalled so i just moved the game folder called Maj-2 , i ran the game throuh “start.exe” it’s playable but the problem is i can’t save, rename the folder doesn’t work, run as admin doesn’t work, i need help

    • Crayon ShinChan

      Nvm already solved 🙂 awesome

      • NeoUsui

        Can you please enlighten me with your knowledge on solving this problem, esteemed master? For I, this lowly servant, have not yet able to solve it.

        • Crayon ShinChan

          sorry for the late reply lol, the only things need to do is to change your PC region to japan, that’s it,

  • Akif Sony

    I can’t save this game, I need help

  • Itachi

    this have system requirementS?

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