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The Muv-Luv series is an epic saga told in three parts: Muv-Luv Extra, Muv-Luv Unlimited, and Muv-Luv Alternative. What begins as a tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy ultimately transforms into an action-packed thrill ride in a war-torn alternate reality, and it’s this drastic-yet-methodical genre twist that makes the final chapter the most highly-revered visual novel of all time. This is a story that will plant seeds in your brain early in the first act that you won’t even notice until they sprout in the third for maximum narrative payoff and crushing emotional impact.

Title: Muv-Luv
Genre: Adventure
Developer: ixtl
Publisher: Degica
Release Date: 15 Jul, 2016


Muv-Luv Download

Size : 3.3GB

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  • Maftuh Billah Tri Saputro

    With Alternative?

  • Fuepepe

    Alternative isn’t even officially translated yet…

  • APW

    not uncensored ver.?

  • EpicShizzle

    im getting a runtime error…

    • Muhammad Hari Adam

      same here.. it says RuntimeError(1006):muvluv_v16_eng with japanese text..
      does anyone know how to solve this, please??

    • Muhammad Hari Adam

      same here.. it says RuntimeError (1006): muvluv_v16_eng with japanese text..
      does anyone know how to solve this problem please? - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2016 Frontier Theme