NEKO-NIN exHeart

Japan. From time immemorial, there are those who possess superhuman abilities.These beings who looked like a cross between man and beast are called Demi-Humans.They acted as Ninja and served those in power.

Title: NEKO-NIN exHeart
Genre: Sexual Content, Nudity, Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Whirlpool
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 22 Apr, 2017


NEKO-NIN exHeart Download

Size : 1GB

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Adult version

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Updated: April 23, 2017 — 4:30 am
  • suzuya d astolfo

    This is R18 ver??

    • if you want the Adult version of this game, just go to my website
      “MW4 blog”

  • TheDJSquiggles

    It is 11:12pm April 22nd right now whwer I am. This page says the game was uploaded April 23rd. I love this site 🙂

    • Woolridge

      ever thought of time zones? 😉

  • Mr.Rebellion


  • Shiki
    • Crimson Butterfly

      u should change your location to japan i guess

      • Shiki

        I already did. my local is always jp help T^T

        • 3m7ecc

          it could be something with Visual C++ with that directsound error, maybe try to update that!

          • Shiki

            oh alright I’ll try that thanks

          • Shiki

            and fixed thank you very much 😀

          • 3m7ecc

            Awesome! Have fun! 😀

  • alter iris

    i already finish the game
    but i dont find any 18+ h scene
    is this really 18+ ??
    can some help me with these

    • if you want the Adult version of this game, just go to my website.
      “MW4 blog”

  • suzuya d astolfo

    hmm please upload patch only
    i see the preview in denpa site
    that was a great
    pls upluad it :v

  • Emilia-Tan

    Why is the game so laggy?

  • RivQul Zero


    • Emilia-Tan

      There is , but its not the R18+ version this is the all ages. DEnpa soft is greedy as fuck , why they dont just make the patch free.

  • giratina143

    the links under adult version are r18+?

  • xvRider1

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