SchoolMate (すくぅ~るメイト in Japanese) is a Japanese sex simulation game developed by Illusion. Unlike previous Illusions games SchoolMate uses a Real-Time 3D Anime Shader. In addition Illusions added a storyline and anime style expressions to the characters. The game was released May 25th 2007.
Developer: Illusion
Release date: May 25, 2007
Theme: None
Language: English
Rating: 18+

SchoolMate Download

Size : 3GB

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English Patch

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 8:39 am
  • Chizuru_W

    OMG Athena . .you actually really really found this and upload it . .thanks . . . Love u . .

  • Denis

    Can you please give us torrent link? Thanks Athena

  • SoundOfDarkness

    I just hope it runs without problem on win10. Had problems with some older Illusion games.

  • fruchtsalat

    wasn’t english for me..

    • Chizuru_W

      ehh? Isn’t HF patch is there ? try Run it after installing ur game. OR, Go download SchoolMate HF Patch from HongFire Forum/Anime-Sharing.

  • SoundOfDarkness

    I thought the HF Patch would be included but it’s just the vanilla installation in the image file.

  • SoundOfDarkness

    WTF?! Why has my comment with the link to the HF patch been deleted?

    • Chizuru_W

      cus it’s a link xD . .try give it with separated (dot) and without “htt p : / /”

      • SoundOfDarkness

        Ok, another try. The latest working and virus free HF patch cann be found here:

  • SoundOfDarkness

    I’m having another problem. The game runs terribly slow. I had the same
    problem with Wakeari but could resolve it by changing the drawing method
    in the launcher option to Type 2.
    Unfortunately there’s no option like this for SchoolMate. Any ideas? My machine is more than powerful enough for that game.

    • matngau Le

      I’m having the same problem and no solutions :/

      • Chizuru_W

        SoundofDarkness confirmed that my suggestion worked on him( or her xD), try read my reply on him. Hope it will work on u too.

        • matngau Le

          Thank you for your reply but it doesn’t work for me (I’m on windows 10 anyway) :S

          • Chizuru_W

            I’m sorry :(( . . But I think I’ve found a few others suggestion on some gaming forums. u should try googling for them.

          • matngau Le

            Yeah, I’ll try that. Thanks anyway 🙂

    • Chizuru_W

      Uuumm . .let see . . this actually a solution for Osanadai and I’m not really sure whether it will works or do the opposite, but trying it a bit won’t cost u a problem . .I think . .maybe . .I hope . . xD

      So here is my suggestion,
      Go to google and find “Win8WOH .zip”, inside this zip will be a version .dll , copy all .dll to ur game folder. Done.

      I’m sorry if this doesn’t work. Just giving my solution ‘cus nobody else seems trying to help anytime soon :/

      • SoundOfDarkness

        Yay, that actually worked. Big thanks. 🙂

        • Chizuru_W

          Lol . .xD np.

          • Exiavalvrave

            Where do you find this file though? I’m having the same problem. My computer can definitely run these games, but the framerate just goes crazy slow now

          • Chizuru_W

            “http :// resemblances.click3 .org /?p=1406”

            -make it a proper url by deleting all the spacing I’ve made.

          • Exiavalvrave

            Ok, I’ll see if it works. Thx btw

          • Chizuru_W


  • ShinRei 矢神神霊

    Good classic. But this is not a complete game unless you include the Anime cosplay hair & costumes changer for all the girls. It’s available on hongfire years ago, not sure about now…

  • axis azz

    how to instal ?

    • Chizuru_W

      Uuuh . .I forgot how I did it but I think it’s the same like I did to other Illusion’s and Teatime’s game. So here’s how I do it:

      1) Unzip the file if it is zipped or rar.
      2) Open(Mount) the .iso , Do Not Auto-Run it.
      3) In the .iso , find something called “Setup .exe” , check every folder if u can’t find Setup application there.
      3) Run the Setup.
      4) The installation wizard will be in Japanese, but the pattern will be the same with other english game. ( “The NEXT button at Center”, “u can customize ur installation place” . .etc)
      5) After the installation done, run the HF patch.
      6) HF patch you can get from HongFire or Anime-Sharing, and most of time, HF already have all update,DLC, and stuff, so u get nothing to worry about.
      7) Done.

      P/S: if u think I’m giving the wrong instruction, please correct me.

      • alter iris

        can you help me
        i follow all the instruction and apply the HF patch but i still can play this game
        it just go black screen with now loading for a second then shutdown by itself
        plss help

        • Chizuru_W

          uuum . . . I think u’re having trouble with the game itself cus it seems that u’re not inexperience with installing Illusion and Kiss’s game.

          I did uninstalled the game and re-installed it to make sure I can give better instruction. Seems that I didn’t encounter any problem.

          here’s few suggestions:
          So, before installing this, please make sure u have vcredist 2005 and 2008 installed in ur PC for both x86 and x64 [This is Optional]

          1) Reinstall the game but this time make sure u’re using Right-Click Option “Run with Japanese Locale as Admin” (if it didn’t shows up on ur Setup Application, Skip this) on the Setup .exe

          2) Just keep pressing Next[N] button and put the installation location anywhere u want.

          3) Wait till it done.

          4) Copy the SchoolMate HF patch to the game folder and install it. [ It should be auto-found ur game]

          5) Done Part 1.

          6) Part 2 ( I didn’t do this part but (I think xD) it will be IMPORTANT to u ).

          7) Go to google and find “Win8WOH .zip” . Try typing ” Osanadai fix Win8WOH .zip ” if it’s hard for u to find it.

          8) Download it. Inside will be a version .dll and .sln .Copy both file to ur main game folder.

          9) Done Part 2.


          ~Try different windows compatibility to get better result.
          ~Use Right-Click Option “Run with Japanese Locale as Admin” on SchoolMate English .exe everytime u play.
          ~I’m really sorry if this doesn’t help u, I hope others can help u.

          • Chizuru_W

            I re-checked the website for the zip file. here if u need it “http :// resemblances.click3 .org /?p=1406” -make it a proper url by deleting all the spacing I’ve made.

          • alter iris

            sorry for the late reply, been trying more than 5 time but i still can’t play it,
            the game maybe not compatible with my computer
            oh well

          • Chizuru_W

            :(( I’m sorry for not being able to help u . I hope others can help u.

      • axis azz

        thanks ..

        • Chizuru_W

          I hope it’ll work for u.

      • wing yo

        do you have a link for HF patch?

        • Chizuru_W

          this was given by @SoundOfDarkness:disqus , he’ll link u to the anime-sharing’s link

          SchoolMate HF Patch:

          just replace the (dot) with actually “.”

          • wing yo

            ima try this later buddy…

          • Chizuru_W

            okay. have a good day.

      • Naufal Difa Nugraha

        i cant install it, i has already mount it, i found setup.exe, i run it, nnothing happend

        • Chizuru_W

          Uuumm . . The problem maybe with NET framework ..
          But first how about you try to install it with right -click option “Run with Japanese Locale as Admin”

          Or change ur PC locale language to Japanese before start installing.

          • Naufal Difa Nugraha

            Thanks,Its Work, Now i will Add the patch 😀

          • Chizuru_W

            have a nice day xD

  • Zero Vault

    sooo, this one have a storyline or what? I mean I have played the second one and its cool so far

    • Chizuru_W

      Uuumm . . forget about the non-translated, I think I never played/found Illusion’s game without “story” in it . .Tho they sometime didn’t put a proper story ( err . .which one?? ) . .

      I didn’t gave a direct answer to ur question but I hope u can still accept it as an answer.

  • Denis

    I have an issue, when i’m in story mode I got crash in the middle of story, when I start Natsume story after she kicks the guy in the face and a dark screen comes, i’m using windows 8.1 64 bit.
    Then I try it using virtual windows xp to play this game and the story works fine, but the game only showing the girls head! no other body and sometime it showing pure white body.
    Any ideas how to fix it?

    • Chizuru_W

      did u tried to put Version .dll and .sln on your game folder already ?? both files are from extracted “Win8WOH .zip” . U can view my other comments to know what I’m talking about.

      and try to install old Visual C++ Redistributable too.

      • Denis

        Already try it but still have the same problem.
        I read from wiki anime-sharing this game have problem with windows 8, that’s why I try virtual windows instead, but it only showing their head.

        • Chizuru_W

          ._. I’m win8 user too but I never encounter this problem, I’ll try to do a bit research I guess. U should try to visit Hong Fire, maybe they have few solutions for this.

  • darkie

    mine doesnt even start…. shows some jap error when i click start game ;( shame

    • ShinUmbreo

      How did you resolve it?

  • Vayne Irisu
    Excuse Me, I have a problem with this game , i already install it and used a HF patch . but , when i try to start a game , this problem appear . What Should i do to Fix it? T.T

    • captainjokeriv

      Hi. I think reinstall the game but this time change path to “C:illusionSchoolmate” and then apply HF Patch.

  • Finnius

    Thank you for fulfilling my request for this game. It was the only Illusion game I was missing from my collection. Now I have every game they have made since 2006!

  • Ezio009

    I have a problem, when i start the game shows a black screen loading, and then the games close, what i can do??

  • Iskandar Aziz

    where is the english patch?

    • Athenavna


      • Wahyu Riyadi

        how to install the english patch?

  • Hồ Tứ Hải

    i don’t see english patch

  • Ballajonte

    Sigh i hate my life. i cant get illusion games to work on win 10 , i read every solution both here and on forums and nothing works. Either im doing something wrong or i am destined to buy a shitty old computer just so i can play fap games from illusion, im so sad i really want to play school mate 1+2 and artificial academy :((((((((

    • Biscotti NomNom

      Set up a virtual machine w/ Win7. You can then share files between the virtual and real machines to play. Or just reinstall win7 on main machine.

  • Luffy

    can i get any reviews of this game

  • Harrison E. Lee

    hey can anybody help? im having trouble installing the engl patch. keep getting an error
    im running windows 7.

  • Alan Leonardo

    Haha XD!
    Well, it’s great that I didn’t encounter any problems when downloading and installing the game but well, When it comes to playing it, it goes nuts, when the meter for the guy become full, the action for the final spurt starts but doesn’t end, ugh… I thought it’s just long but I’ve waited for 15-20 minutes for it, lol, but it still goes on XD!

    And the meter for the girl also stops increasing when it starts so yes, obviously something is wrong..

    Anyone know what to do with this?

  • April Varotti

    How to install?

  • Elbert Antonio

    how to make it be english language ?

  • Itachi

    how to place english patch…

    • Itachi

      how the fuck ! to install it dont you have any instruction

  • Itachi
  • Itachi

    not running when try to open it what the fuck - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2017 Frontier Theme