• Lordgark

    What’s the real size?

    PS: thanks!! gonna wait the hf patch then

    • Vyral Impact

      No HF patch at the moment. Mods are quite scarce as well. By the way, that’s the real size. It’s quite a small game. Rather unoptimized as well. Do check Hongfire if you’ve already got this one installed. The new DLCs are there.

  • Kazuma

    Cuma 2 GB ??

  • Endly

    athena, can you add more games from ILLUSION? like “my fair gentleman”, “maitetsu”, “omokage”, and “natsu uso”. i don’t really know about their release dates but maybe you can look into it.

  • Freeska

    this is shota and crossdress
    just for you know, if you don’t want any trap 😛

    • Endly

      what?! crossdress?! really?! well i’m glad i didn’t fall for it -_-‘ thanks, btw

      • Spirits

        Actually, there’s 8 female characters with scenes, and only one of them does the cross dressing thing (still male on female), the rest are normal.
        Still shota though.

        • Endly

          shota is still acceptable for me, as long as the young boy is still “a male” or behaving like a male, but crossdressing and the term “futanari” is…ewww..(for me), but based on your info, i’m curious about the other 7 “real” girls, i think i’ll try this one, thanks 🙂

        • Vyral Impact

          Actually, I’m only seeing 5 in the game. What happened to the rest? Are they a part of the DLC? I’m also having problems with unpacking those .rar files. They can’t seem to unpack for me.

          Or is this the trial version?

      • Vyral Impact

        There was a game before on ddgamez about crossdressing you know. I believe the title was “Otokonoko Maid Cafe” or something. I forgot, but I think that’s how it sounds like. Great fun. 😛

        • Biscotti NomNom

          Otomaid Cafe. If you knew what Otome was, that should’ve been a huge giveaway haha.

          • Vyral Impact

            Right, exactly!

          • PotatoZero

            Otome means girl, though..

  • NOTFreedom

    Need help for install :(-

  • nurul azman

    does it have password to download it?? Can Anyone help me??

  • Muhammad Safwan

    how to install? , it’s all in japs cannot understand anything

    • Sylfia Eden

      shame of you

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