• Iskandar Aziz

    is this game had already patch to english?

    • captainjokeriv

      Yes it does, and also Russian Patch

      The Uncensored patch inside Additional File(after install game folder)

    • Endly

      yes, and FYI, Athena will never upload an eroge that doesn’t have an english patch. so if you find out about an eroge that has been released out there but haven’t been posted here, then that game must not have an english patch released, or at least, not yet. but if you happen to know that an eroge have a patch, then you can put up a request to Athena for that game to be posted here.
      but make sure you put the request on the Request Board, not the chat box.
      have a nice day 🙂

  • nobody

    Sorry, but I’ve been trying to see the system requirements for this game in the Internet and my laptop should’ve good enough to run it, but when I try to play it, this game is really lagging, can anyone tell me how to fix this? And also, what does the DLCs contain, since I don’t think I’ve seen one?

  • Janusz Fabrowski

    plzz help lags problems

  • PandoraHeart

    anyone know what’s next from Illusion?

  • Nijigen Kun

    link broke

  • Cassie Via

    google drive link broken pls fix

  • Hikari

    Broken link

    • Doitzel

      Link’s not broken, it just doesn’t have a preview, click download anyway and you won’t have a problem.

  • Michael Delgado

    I keep converting it to .zip but the file always shows up as empty.

  • Jason

    forgot to add system requirments ^_-

  • Flame Goddess

    can someone give link for uncencored patch?

  • Hunter Black

    google drive link is broken along with the others.

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