SoldGirl Town

Name: SoldGirl TownType: H-Game
Rating: 18+
Language: Japanese

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  • AnimeGamer

    Goodness I seriously didn’t think you would actually upload it!
    Anyway some might find it repulsive at first, but trust me, the gameplay, where this Hgame shines the most, was designed in a way so that you won’t care about that in the long run.

    It’s quite hard to get the grasp of the gameplay for first-timers so here’s a guide for you if you really don’t know what to do : just type on google “RJ179387 QUICKSTART” and you should see the guide site on the top research. And also for those who can’t save, you need to run the game NORMALLY (not running with applocale), that’s what I did to resolve the problem. (PS : the .exe application inside the Data folder is the Trial Version while the one outside it is the Full Game)

  • Kougami Tareyama

    Any news on english translation?

  • nobody

    wait, there isn’t an english patch for this game?

  • Glory Kun

    I dont ask for much just explanation on the interface

  • Glory Kun

    Anyone know how to buy another house???

  • Endly

    wait, athena said he would never upload an untranslated eroge, but this… >_> hmm..

  • Anzemhawk Mikhailov Calla

    so far i played long enough to see it is a demo wait for the translation

    • Glory Kun

      It’s not a demo.this is full version one.Well the one with the japanese text.The one with eng text is the demo

      • Anzemhawk Mikhailov Calla

        i made it to month 4 and was doing good on gold with 3 slaves then it come 3 screens showing how the game fully works it has to be a demo

        • Glory Kun

          There are 2 executeables in that folder.the one with the 3 screen is the demo one.the other one is the full one.btw the save is trasnferable so just use the currrent save

          • Anzemhawk Mikhailov Calla

            omg ty soo that works like a crack?

          • Glory Kun

            Dunno but it does work and i even finished the game with it

          • Exiavalvrave

            Wait, what? How does that work?

  • Glory Kun

    I must be getting blind cause i dont see the upgrade button on the top

  • AnimeGamer

    Okay then I’ll make it short, just type ” RJ179387 QUICKSTART ” on google and you should see a guide site showing how to get a smooth start on the game and make it to the endgame with full S+ rank girls. If this comment still get deleted then I guess helping people is not allowed here.

    • smek2

      Go fuck yourself

      • AnimeGamer

        Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure to take note.

  • Glory Kun


  • Bradz

    Does anyone want screen shots of the UI translated?

    • Agoodboy325689

      Yes pls

      • Bradz

        Am i allowed to post a link here?

        • Agoodboy325689

          Yes you are dont worry

          • Bradz

            Okay i’m just finishing up a few more screen shots, i will post a link for them soon.

          • Agoodboy325689

            Thank you <3

          • Bradz

            Sorry just a little update i’m doing the achievement list witch is taking more time than i thought it would so i’m not sure when it will be done

          • wakrulezz12

            wheres the eng patch?

          • Bradz

            I have tried to post the link for it multiple times but it doesn’t pop up

          • capoci anni

            will you ?

  • Tre Sellers

    which link is the full version?

  • Calote

    I will play when the ui is translated

  • stinkyduck577

    can somebody tell me what the watchword is?

    • Why

      I need the password too

  • Satomi

    How play with translated version ? please

  • Naravith Meenmanee


  • Naravith Meenmanee

    I aint good in English nor Japanese
    but hope this might help your guys

    • THEawesomeFd

      THNx anyway Friend

  • wakrulezz12

    how about the meter for the girls? when we bring the cursor on the status?? idk it

    • YosnaH

      wut do u mean by meter for the girls?

  • Joshua Lewis

    I’ll get this if and/or when the English version is posted [complete not demo] - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2016 Frontier Theme