From Single Cell to Galactic God, evolve your creature in a universe of your own creations. Play through Spore’s five evolutionary stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Each stage has its own unique style, challenges, and goals. You can play how you choose — start in Cell and nurture one species from humble tidepool organism to intergalactic traveler, or jump straight in and build tribes or civilizations on new planets. What you do with your universe is up to you.

Title: SPORE™
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Maxis™
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 19 Dec, 2008





Updated: September 23, 2016 — 4:29 am
  • Moi bunny

    anyone tested this yet? does this work on win8 and above?

  • Jonathan Vun

    wht is COLLECTION GOG ?

    • Woolridge

      really dude?
      this is the spore collection they sell on gog.com…

  • Ryan

    yes it worked on my windows 10

  • Almighty Osiris

    hey i can’t download 🙁 can you gibeme an access?

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