The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Among the nations on the Zemurian continent, the mighty Erebonian Empire has been quick to outwardly stake its claim militarily; yet politically, ugly bouts of internal conflict between the upper class and commoners attempting to rise to power have been steadily intensifying day by day. The Noble and Reformist Factions have been none too kind to one another over the years, and tensions between the two only stand to worsen if compromises aren’t made in the very near future.

Title: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: XSEED GamesMarvelous USA, Inc.
Release Date: 2 Aug, 2017


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Updated: August 4, 2017 — 2:43 am
  • Rikky Abdullah Lubis


  • AnimeGamer

    At last!

  • Rain Yozakura


  • Ravin Mith

    WOW, PC? OMG

    • HasFly

      with no Japanese dub… XSEED doesn’t allow marvelous to input Japanese dub in the PC release

      • Akalanka Sandaruwan

        fitgirl’s repack contains the japanese dub taken from ps3 version but some lines (~30% of them) will not be voiced because this new pc version added new dialogs!.

        • HasFly

          yup, around over 5000 new dialog are new

        • AnimeGamer

          30% seems extremely big considering the game is focusing on story-telling, and since those 30% won’t have any sound, now I hesitate about weither I should take the full english voice or japanese’s…

          • Akalanka Sandaruwan

            i’ve heard many good things about english voice acting while i was out researching about possible dual audio options for this game. my answer would be to try both. if i can live with english voice acting i would play that version or if i cannot stomach it i would rather hear silence that any voice without a speck of soul behind it. considering all my previous experiences regarding english dubs of japanese rpgs i would strongly choose the japanese voice pack minus 30% but first i would give the english one a try as i always have. my guts telling me the english one would be quite good but… it would have been better to hear this in their original voices. damn shame but we have no choice.

          • AnimeGamer

            I personally don’t have anything against english dub, AS LONG AS they are of good quality just as you said. Most english dubs tend to lack on that side (JRPGs), it’s very rare to encounter one that actually immerse you inside the dialogue and have better quality than the original’s, like the Persona series for example. But heck, I’ll take you up to your offer and try both, the english dub seems not too terrible, but not exceptional either, though after some hours of playtime, in the end I prefer to stick to the original voice.

        • Axvor

          Only Rean Jap Dub right?

      • 1881eagle .

        XSeed doesnt allow? well thats a relief. prefer its original language.

  • anatakotogasuki


    • Nam Bui


  • nobody

    wait, so the sound is still english?

    • HasFly

      XSEED doesn’t Allow Marvelous to use Japanese dub in the PC release, but they add over 5000 new english voice line

    • Khilik, 賢治

      There’s a undub mod for the game out if you absolutely have to go that route. Just be warned it’s not technically legal (though I doubt you care about that since this is a site for pirates lol.) And surprisingly the english cast in this is actually really good.

  • Yuuki Heinestein

    êu admin cho tao hỏi một câu nè. nhớ ko nhầm là bác chỉ gdrive cho VN và game nhỏ thôi mà. game này 9 gb đấy hiếm khi thấy bác cho gdrive. đa tạ nha. bên ova game thì nó rar còn 6.3 gb và bên skid row thì có 8.3 gb rar. bên này bác cho hàng gốc iso 9.8 gb.

    • Nam Bui

      hử? admin web này là người Việt à?

      • Yuuki Heinestein

        trước tui thấy cái phần chữ dưới thấy note của admin ghi ra bằng tiếng việt.
        ông ra kiểm tra gdrive details owner là tên tiếng việt. là người việt bik tiếng anh.

        • Nam Bui

          ra là vậy, dùng trang này down VN gần 2 năm mới biết admin có người Việt. Cũng thỉnh thoảng mới thấy phần comment có người Việt nên vào say Hi một tiếng =))

      • Vu Nguyen

        Chuẩn rùi,site này có 2 admin,1 Việt 1 nước nào ấy,mà admin Việt ít onl lắm,chủ yếu là người kia làm thôi..mà phần lớn Vn là do ổng vn up :v..

  • Izzuddin Ghani

    I never played Legend of Heroes, anyone knows which one should I play first?

    • Endly

      this game is in a different place from the ones in Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky, although in a same time frame, but the story is pretty much not connected, and this is the first game of the title, there are still Trails of Cold Steel 2 and 3 to come in the future, so don’t worry.

      • Yuuki Heinestein

        for PC Trails of Cold Steel 2 will come out in the future yes. but in vita and ps3 already out. and vita I’m currently playing 🙂
        about Trails of Cold Steel 3 I’m sure it on pre-order on ps4. pc let just wait for a while. but first wait for 2 to comes out first.

        • FriedPicklez

          aye, I’m waiting till I see a release date for trails of cold steel 3 before preordering it

  • ณภัทร เมฆอากาศ

    game stop working help!!

    • HasFly

      Possible Fix 1: don’t forget to crack the game, copy file in the CODEX folder into game installation folder

      Possible Fix 2: Install all the file in the _CommonRedist folder inside game installation folder

      Possible Fix 3: Update your Graphics Card Driver

      Possible Fix 4: Update your Windows to the latest update (just update no need to buy new Windows)

      • ณภัทร เมฆอากาศ

        > < Thkkkkkkkk Possible Fix 2

  • Ser Zuzul

    somehow it’s stopped working on my laptop, after Alisa crashed Rean and the “objectives” tutorial

    help pls? I’ve installed everything in the commonredist folder, updated my graphics card driver, and my windows version is up to date. I also tried to changed every setting and it still doesn’t work.

    specs (the “lepi sejuta umat”):
    -AMD A10 7400P
    -Radeon R5 M230 +R6 graphics
    -8gb ram

  • Miko

    what spec this game ?

  • Haken Browing

    Is this include DLC?

  • Vayne Irisu

    Can Someone Help me how to fix this problem?
    I’m already at the End of the game but it stop working when Chancellor Scene in Final Chapter
    Any Suggestion for this problem? I’m already Install all file in _CommonRedist , Copy Codex File , Update my Graphic Cards . but it still crash T.T Please Help!!! - Full Pc Games Download Free © 2017 Frontier Theme