Twins of the Pasture

This is a story about twin sisters who live in the pasture. Their parents ran away leaving a huge debt. Two sisters have to pay back money in 120 days…

Title: Twins of the Pasture
Genre: AdventureSimulation
Developer: Dieselmine
Publisher: Dieselmine
Release Date: 20 Jul, 2017
Twins of the Pasture Download
Updated: July 22, 2017 — 12:53 am
  • Rinne

    Wow nice game! is this like harvest moon or something?

  • Marsche Asteria

    Loving it already. I’ve been avid player of harvest moon and this game’s mechanics is close to this. and what’s more? IT’S AN EROGE!!

    • pantakan kantarak

      says non-eroge for me

      • Marsche Asteria

        Oh right. It does now. But don’t mind it. It’s an eroge alright. It’s just censored with mist. but it has a patch that removes em.

  • Biscotti NomNom

    I keep getting stuck at 29/30 wood pieces. Did anyone get past that part?

    • Depit

      THIS THE HINT….. >Front the house…..>little kids,old man and mountain;v

      • Biscotti NomNom

        Turned out i needed to wait extra day or two for more to spawn. I tried multiple saves and all of em spawned 29/30 total on 1st day.

  • APW

    are there umcensored patch?

    • Halo


      • wahyu jayadi

        where can i download the uncensored patch?

        • Halo

          Extract the contents of the archive to the folder with the exe. If you don’t know where this is, right click the game on Steam > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files
          Run the uncensor.bat once, and it should automatically replace the assets with the JP release’s
          I test it but not working but good luck

          • wahyu jayadi

            i download the gamne from this site, and its already in playable format, WITHOUT the steam folder in sight.
            then how to do it?

          • Halo

            Extract the patch to your game folder and run the uncensor.bat once

          • wahyu jayadi

            i already try that, still the patch wont work for me

          • Leo Crix

            click bait now not an uncensor patch

  • Kougami Tareyama

    HOO WEEE!!!

  • Sodyaler

    Harvest moon with tits? I’m in

  • Ardi Setiawan Iwan

    non-eroge lmao

  • Made Rio Baskara

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