Wonderful Everyday – Diskontinuierliches Dasein

Winner in the Best Story category of the 2010 Moe Game Awards, Wonderful Everyday is a beloved visual novel with multiple routes, written by SCA-DI and featuring artwork from Kagome, Motoyone, Suzuri, and karory.For this international release the visuals of the game have been upgraded to a higher resolution (keeping the same aspect ratio of the original) in order to deliver a more intense and captivating experience from this visual novel masterpiece.


Wonderful Everyday – Diskontinuierliches Dasein Download

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Updated: September 3, 2017 — 1:27 am
  • Aeon Eye

    is this uncencored version?

    • mello

      first lesson when you want to play eroge : never expect an uncensored ver. of the game

    • Random faggot

      Saw this at erogedownload, it says it’s uncensored there. Sooo, i have a wild guess that this is too.

    • anatakotogasuki

      first lesson : always play eroge.

    • Woolridge

      according to vndb there’s only the steam version that’s fully translated and for that there’s a 18+ restore patch that is fully uncensored (except 1 scene of bestiality and there apparently is a fanmade patch for that aswell) so my guess is that it is fully uncensored but i don’t know about that bestiality scene^^

  • pantakan kantarak

    soo…censored or uncensored?

  • Kristian Wiharja

    downloaded from gdrive… it said cannot be winrar or 7 zip… suggestion?

  • Traitors

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  • Francisco Chinchilla

    wow i just started it… and the air in my arm started to point up… hehehe

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