Taimanin Asagi ZERO



Title: Taimanin Asagi ZERO
Original title: 対魔忍アサギZERO
Year: Japan 2018-08-31, English Patch 2019-09-13
Developer: Black Lilith
Publisher: Black Lilith
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
TranslationRattan Man Translations

The Taimanin Asagi series of erotic visual novels is a must-play for anyone who loves to see strong and sexy women succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. In this latest entry to the Taimanin Asagi series, we get to a young Asagi and how she became the badass demon-hunting ninja. Enjoy many hours of tentacles, monster sex, Ninja fighters, BDSM, and all sorts of other juicy fetish material starring the smoking hot Asagi and her demon-hunting ninja comrades.
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Censored Version

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